30th November 2022


Feb 2016Mobile website development for a client. (Framework choice, significant portion of development of mobile website, mentoring of other developers.)
Sept 2013Now serving an insurance company remotely saving them on overheads and reducing CO2 emissions.
Oct 2011With a new contract to develop commercial fleet management software GGS is currently serving two multinational companies within the Thames Valley.
Jan 2011GGS is now developing software for a leading directories and new media company.
Oct 2010Green Ginger Software secured a contract to develop enhancements to a complex legal application.
Sept 2010GGS has successfully completed a project to develop a best practice demonstration website for an open source CMS vendor using Spring Surf and Freemarker.


AngularJS Java Spring Weblogic Struts JCR Unix Sass AWT Tomcat Hibernate OS/390 JSP Swing XML CSS JDBC Ajax SQL Oracle Linux Maven HTML Javascript DB2 Eclipse Websphere BackboneJS Windows JUnit IIS JProfiler Ant CVS SQLServer OAS ExtJS MySQL Subversion

Increasing Software Value

Track-record of increasing software value and reducing cost of ownership by:

  • Requirements fully met or exceeded
  • Code easier to maintain
  • Reduction in failure rate
  • Performance tuning
  • Documentation improvements
  • Methodology and process improvements
  • Monitoring tools

Britain's Brain Gain

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed believes that small companies like Green Ginger Software are able to respond quickly to the evolving needs of your business, helping it to grow in these challenging times. View their resources for engaging freelancers here... Harnessing the flexible advantage for your business